Why Create Sharing Ground?

Studies suggest that for adults, “trauma informed” therapy — which can center on art, yoga, or mindfulness training — can help with the medical condition of “Adverse Childhood Experiences”.

Dance, music, and choreographic processes are art, athletic movement, and mindful experiences. They happen to allow the full, complete expression and release of the human emotional spectrum, including those from traumatic experiences!

Guest artists and crew will fully express and fully release such emotions within training, rehearsing, and performing!

People who have not noticed their ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences,) much less fully expressed and healed them, can sadly allow genes to express for many diseases including depression, cancer, COPD, heart disease, stroke, and suicide attempts without even being aware they are doing this.

“Sometimes people take others with them in anything from domestic murder to mass shootings. This is the root of some mental diagnoses, hate crimes, and terrorism. Violence can be a projection of the immense pain we are engulfed in within ourselves. Mindful, movement art may be able to help heal such trauma.”

Mary Heller – Artistic Director, CEO, Choreographer, Dance Educator, Teaching Artist, Scholar, Dancer, and Wellness Advisor.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

We feel that the two videos below best exemplify about why we have chosen to do this work with Iraq.

Dancing in the Danger Zone

Dancing in the Danger Zone

And why do this on the Southside of Chicago?

Just notice the similarities in vocabulary between ballet and Southside footwork – petite allegro in both, for instance!

Chicago Footwork

This is a great example of the caliber of professional dancers that will be auditioned for the Sharing Ground Dance company as well as how a choreographic process can use creative place-making while reclaiming community and narratives.

See 42 other veteran, national, and international USA choreographers of Ballet, Modern, Post-Modern, and Contemporary Dance do these Space, Time, Energy, and Choreographic Tools below!

In deep gratitude to Mitchell Rose for producing, editing, and creating this video!

Tell me more…

To co-create an original CHOREOGRAPHIC evening-length work of art via technology spaces for low-latency, two-way, live-feed.

From each brick and mortar place over the highest quality of two-way live feed so as to see the dancing, integrating movement and internet technologies (YOU may want to RENT these future spaces/personal for your OWN creating, business needs, etc.)

The first few months of what the choreographic process will be in order to create the product:

  • Over 40 years ago the chosen dance form by the Performing Arts & Ballet School in Baghdad, Iraq was Ballet.
  • Over 40 years ago the chosen music form by the Performing Arts & Ballet School in Baghdad, Iraq was European Classical Music.
  • Therefore, for the first few months the weekly training for invited guest artists with the professional dance company, and crew in each location to create this product will include:
  • Welcoming call & response song
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Heller Barre Practice® and Homer Bryant ballet Floor Barre, ballet barre, adagio, petite allegro, grande allegro, and reverence.
  • Musical instrument of choice, and/or voice training
  • Urban Bush Women led trust experience
  • Witnessing each other’s story, and RE-TELLING a NEW one if needed
  • Closing meditation
  • Any guest artist wanting job training in the building and maintenance of the spaces, technology, marketing, teacher training in meditation, yoga, ballet, music, voice, storytelling, choreography, etc.
  • Victor Landers virtual, real-time Gun SAFETY target practice within situational situations
    What does it really mean to live with, and without a gun?
    How do we ALL tell the story of what we want our own world to be like with guns existing in it, and for others, no guns existing in it, both ways, together.
    “Better to have it, and not need it, then to not have it, and need it.” -Victor the GREAT Landers!


We would love to keep you up-to-date on all the progress Sharing Ground International makes.