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We are inviting local Southside of Chicago, Prescott, AZ, and Baghdad, Iraqi high school, and all ages adults who feel CALLED to do this training, rehearsing and performing who have no access to do so. They will be our guest artists, along with the professional Sharing Ground Dance Company, and YOU online telling us what choreographic elements you want in this evening-length work.  You will be donating to the people you love, transforming within the process, and spreading information about this project both in your online and “in-real-life” community!

Mary Heller is an advocate for the means to the end of all our movement to be about aligned, kinesiology sound, meaningful, accessible, fun, community awareness experiences whereby self discovery, art, exercise, physiology and cross cultural learning are deepened by such experiences each day.

Mary Heller

Founder, Artistic Director, CEO

Mary Heller was Full-Time Lecturer in Dance at the University of Idaho from 2006-2011. Originally from Chicago she earned an M.F.A. in Dance from Florida State University. Ms. Heller is a veteran dance educator and scholar who has taught in studios, middle schools, high schools and Higher Education, nationally for 31 years. She teaches Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Tap, Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Choreography, Dance Theory, Dance History, Dance Pedagogy, Dance Production, and Creative Movement, including training veteran k-12 Teachers, and Physical Education, Early Childhood Education, and Dance Education Pre-Service Teachers in this methodology. In somatics her specialty is Heller Barre Practice®, (a Floor Barre informed by her base in Kinesiology, Pilates on the reformer, Gyrotonics® on the tower, Ashtanga Yoga in the Vinyassa Style, Anusara Yoga, Breathing techniques, Fred Alexson Floor Barre, Karen Williamson Floor Barre, and Homer Bryant Floor Barre). Many of these classes Mary has taught to numerous ages starting at two years old on up through Senior Citizen, boys, girls, men, women, amateurs and professionals. Mary is an invited guest teacher for Prescott College, and an invited teacher at SWITCH Performing Arts, Prescott, AZ as needed. As a Wellness Advisor for 31 years she meets one-on-one as well as offering a retreat, Change Health, Gain Wealth. Mary is an invited board member of the Arizona Dance Coalition.

For the rest of Mary’s extensive bio, please click here.

Victor Landers

Partner, Promoter

Victor is a 30-year gun merchant of NYC, THE person who popularized Hip Hop in the entertainment industry, and IS Victor the GREAT!

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Victor is also involved with – healing the world with music and dance.

He is the architect, owner, and creator of the fastest growing music label in the world.
Victor’s passion is ARIZONA ACTION AGAINST ALZHEIMER ABUSE which was founded in honor of his mother.  He is currently looking for Representatives fight against Alzheimer’s Disease.

And Sharing Ground is YOU!

Once the actual choreography begins and depending on what you can donate to share your ground of artistic input, you are invited to enter your choices of choreographic tools below which you want to see in a phrase each time we post a rehearsal video!

We will be keeping track of your donations and corresponding requests and will also be emailing to remind you to select your choices!!

In deep gratitude to you for co-funding and co-choreographing this unprecedented way to create dance, giving access to those with none, and creating a new industry in these geographic places!

Yup, made right here, on planet Earth, between all of us!

$1 – $5 – any one space, time, or energy element

$6 – $10 – any two space, time, or energy elements

$11 – $20 – any three space, time, or energy elements

$21 – $30 – any four space, time, or energy elements

$31 – $40 – any five space, time, or energy elements

$41 – $50 – any six space, time, or energy elements

$51 – $60 – any seven space, time, or energy elements

(higher amount choices to come!)


We would love to keep you up-to-date on all the progress Sharing Ground International makes.