How is Sharing Ground Going to Happen?


Looking for the next big, new technology to invest in that will last, and help people globally?


We ideally want 430 technology spaces run by trained, community personnel built across the Southside of Chicago in local neighborhoods, another 3 in the Prescott, AZ area, and one more in Baghdad, Iraq near their Performing Arts and Ballet School. This will allow access in people’s neighborhoods who feel called to train, inform, and perform with the professional company in this work.

At the same time, these technology spaces will also infuse new industry into these communities allowing unprecedented, creative, and unlimited ways for the Corporate, Arts, Entrepreneurial, Science, Entertainment, Education, Movement Sciences, and Government sectors to engage with each other citywide, regionally, nationally, and internationally!

These technology movement spaces will be sustainable long after our year-long project is done. They will be able to be used for any movement practice people want to do in a real-time, two-way live feed environment, including moving body gun safety target practice, a new kind of gun therapy, with a buddy in the next town or a rival in another country.



Mary Heller“In some cases, people take others with them in anything from domestic murder to mass shootings. The root as to why these sometimes occur is described in detail under the “why” above. There are also mental diagnoses, hate crimes, terrorism, and sometimes never having access to training in moving target safety gun practice, much less time to contemplate how violence is a disease that is contagious. To really be mindful of when, and who to shoot…which may be never in one’s life, too many times in one’s life. Either way, know how to shoot JUST the target you want, and be very clear as to WHY in your spirit, body, and mind you are shooting that target“.
Mary Heller – Artistic Director, CEO, Choreographer, Dance Educator, Scholar, Dancer, and Wellness Advisor.


Exploring how people can live in peace, and knowledge with guns among each other will be included to inform Sharing Ground’s choreographic process. Thus, people will be able to rent these spaces to heal themselves, and each other, doing whatever movement practice they choose with others via a live feed in a safe space. This can include – for the first time to the public – moving, safety target gun practice, which requires regular target safety gun practice at a shooting range, then once at the level to practice shooting when moving, coming to a Sharing Ground IT-supported space to practice when moving.


Do you want to be involved with multiple effects in philanthropy, the art of dance, unprecedented gun target safety moving practice, therapy, hundreds of kids, and adults in two countries, and three locations?


Social, synergy, financial capital
Come to our Dance/Technology performance demonstration, informational meeting!

Show up live geographically, or on two-way live-feed at:
Business Assistance Center
221 N. Marina Street, Suite 201, Prescott, AZ, 86301


Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center
The School of Homer Bryant
47 W Polk St. Suite 100-105
Chicago, IL 60605-2085

Dates for 2018 to be announced soon.



We would love to keep you up-to-date on all the progress Sharing Ground International makes.